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Get moving in Home-Office – Part 2 of 2

Mobilising exercises

As discussed in the last article, we cannot avoid sitting completely. However, we can be at least mindful on keeping the spine in a neutral position, so for example only sitting at the edge of the chair.

Try to interrupt the phases of sitting with breaks that include some movement, for example to mobilise the spine, the hips or the shoulders as well as to strengthen the core.

Here are a few mobilisation exercises that you can perform after sitting for around 45 minutes, ideally you should even increase your pulse:

  • Walk around the office or the flat / house (as an alternative you can walk with high knees),
  • Perform 10 squats,
  • Arm circles to the back or in opposite direction,
  • Leg swings front and back,
  • Shoulders – progressive muscle relaxation.

You can even make sitting more active with these suggestions:  

  • If possible, only sit at the edge of the chair so that your core is forced to stay active.
  • Place one bent leg over the other to stretch the outside of the hip.
  • In a seated position, stretch one leg to the back, the back of the foot is on the floor, to stretch the front of the hip.
  • Consciously round your back, then slowly roll up your torso and roll shoulders back.

Before starting the live-video-workout, I will soon provide you with a short video with some more information and give you a glimpse of what you can expect. I look forward to exercising with you!

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