Slowly the weather is getting cooler. We are thinking more of cuddling at home with a cup of tea or a good book.

With Covid spreading, some people are getting more worried and are feeling less comfortable training inside a gym, being inside with other people.

But this is not an excuse for not being able to work out! The outdoors is a great place to get moving! The cooler temperatures are not an excuse – when being active, the body is heating from inside. And there is a great saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad equipment ????

So, get your warm clothes and go out in a park, on Danube islands or near a river. I personally love Nordic Walking with short breaks for strength training. Like that I am getting a great full body workout – cardio from Nordic Walking and strength training during the breaks. For the conditioning exercises you can use whatever you can find – benches, tables, bridge railings or stairs.

Here are a few ideas: trizeps dips on benches, Bulgarian split squats on bridge railings, short sprint runs on stairs or mountain climbers on a bench!

Working out your body in fresh air has many additional benefits – it is perfect for strengthening your immune system and for getting more oxygen to all your cells!

What are your ideas for outdoor training? Write them in the comments! Looking forward to seeing you in a park nearby ????

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