Mental and physical fitness – Feel Good with Susanne

Feel good for older people means, among other things, having a well-functioning cardiovascular system. Regular exercise is one of the best medicines (it is never too late to move!), especially as it also promotes the creation of new nervalconnections. The specific feel good training “Body & Mind” makes use of these connections by way of “mental fitness exercises” ( for more information

Exercising, strengthening, laughing, thinking and having fun with like minded people and with expert guidance. These are the best prerequisites for participating in training on a regular basis and for keeping your personal goals in mind. My motto “feel good” means in this case that our mental and physical fitness programme leads to increased quality of life.


1220 Wien, Colerusgasse 30,
neben Kinder-Spielplatz

What time?

Every second Thursday
from 9:30 to 10:30 am
next sessions on 16.9.2021 and 30.9.2021

How much?

Per person


All people 50+,
who want to keep their body and mind fit


Please take comfortable clothes and a mat with you
(if available) take walking sticks with you

Together we can achieve more!