Personal Feel-Good Training

In Personal Training it is all about you, your wellbeing, your environment and yourresources – irrespective of your individualinterpretation; you and your ‘feel good’ goals take centre stage, for example should you

  • be looking for a physical and mental balance to a mainly seated job,
  • wish to incorporate more exercise in your daily life to stay active and agile,
  • want to play with your kids and / or grandchildren without getting out of breath,
  • want to impress with a figure flattening outfit at your next party,
  • plan hikes despite joint prothesis,
  • precautionary want to put more emphasis on your health, for example to prevent osteoporosis, diabetes or amyotrophia.

No matter where you see yourself – I plan the perfect feel good programme that will get you to reach your goal. I am combining various training methods so that you benefit from the advantages of different techniques. This variety means more fun in exercising for you. I support you with motivation and know how so that we, but mainly you, can enjoy together your ‘feel good’ effect.

Together we can achieve more!