How do you inspire your customers?

Fitness has been my passion for many decades. This enthusiasm is simply contagious. I am inspiring with my optimistic and lively character but also with my varied workouts that are perfectly tailored to you and your requirements.

Why is training with you different?

I am the difference! What does this mean? I provide experience from different stages in my life – be it as successful manager, as caring mother or as enthusiastic sports woman. I need variety in my life, especially in my workouts. Therefore, I am trained in various training techniques. And you are benefiting from the advantages of combing all these training methods. For me the most important training requisite is always present – your body. To diversify the training, I provide small fitness equipment, for example fitness bands, balls or dumbbells.

What can I expect from sensorimotor training?

One of my favourite training methods is sensorimotor training – it has many advantages that can be enjoyed by all age groups. I use many elements from my sensorimotor training in my Personal Training sessions, but I also like to organise small groups of circuit trainings. Many exercises focus on balance, but in general it is all about the nerval connections between the brain and the trained body part. After only a few sessions you will notice a positive change in your body! More information can be found on my Blog.

What can I expect from a Personal Training session with you?

In a Personal Training session I am focusing completely on you and your target. My full attention ison you, your environment and your physical possibilities. The training is tailor made for you. During our first meeting we work through a questionnaire that provides information about your goals, your health condition and your personal life. But at the end the most important is the fun we are going to have together!

What do you expect from your customers?

I will do my utmost that you will enjoy the workouts and stay motivated but you also have to want to train! You need a really good reason for your goal. Apart from that I expect the usual respect towards the other person.

Are there some customers that are particular dear to your heart?

My vision isto inspire as many people as possible to do exercise. However, people with a stressful office job and elderly people are especially dear to my heart. Apart from those I would love to accompany expatriates with an active lifestyle (due to my personal past).

What is the friends’ bonus?

In case you do not want to train alone, I offer a friends’ bonus – the two of you pay €1.280,00 for a package of 10 training sessions incl 90 min first meeting and training plan (these ten sessions have to be used within six months from buying).

What is the‚Gesundheitshunderter‘?

The institute SVS (previously SVA) is interested to support self employed and farmers in an active and healthy lifestyle. When you reach your goals in the areas nutrition, exercise, mental health or non-smoking during the course of the ‚health programme‘ (Gesundheitsprogramm) and after doing a health check (Vorsorgeuntersuchung), you can apply for the ‘Gesundheitshunderter’. You can more information here: www.svs.at

Are there any rules for a cooperation with you?

For me respect towards each other is the basis for good cooperation, this also means arriving on time to an agreed appointment. Should something crop up, I kindly ask you to inform me as soon as possible. However, I also have to ask for your understanding that I have to charge you the agreed fee should you cancel less than 24 hours before the agreed appointment (except against presentation of a doctor’s certificate). You have to honestly complete a questionnaire to guarantee an effective Personal Training plan – after all it is your body and your health!

At what times can we meet?

As I am a mother of a small child, I plan my day accordingly. I can accommodate appointments flexibly from Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 4pm. I can also meet you between 6pm and 8pm should you work usual office hours.

Where do you work?

You only need your body and a mat for an effective and varied workout. Therefore, we are relatively flexible regarding meeting place – either at your house, my house, your office, in a park on in a hired room.

Do you have a price list?

Group training: As I am working in different environments with varying participants, it is difficult to state a fixed price. Prices for group classes are individually agreed upon. Prices for currently scheduled group classes can be found on the respective subpages. Personal Training: Single training session: €88,00 Package of 3 meetings incl 90 min first meeting and training plan: €260,00 Package of 6 training sessions incl 90 min first meeting und training plan: €498,00 (these six sessions have to be used within three months from buying) Package of 10 Training sessions incl 90 min first meeting and training plan: €820 (these ten sessions have to be used within six months from buying)

What can I expect from an online training plan?

Du wirst aufgefordert, einen Fragebogen online auszufüllen. Das gibt mir die Grundlagen, dir einen individuellen Trainingsplan zu erstellen. Der Plan ist abwechslungsreich und progressiv aufgebaut, sodass du deine Ziele erreichst. Die Kosten für einen 5-Wochen Plan belaufen sich auf €44, für einen drei-Monats-Plan auf € 88. Die Pläne sind detailliert beschrieben, bei Fragen können wir aber gerne telefonieren.