Best Ager – Feel-Good Special

Many studies show how important moving is at every age as it contributes to a high degree to health and personal wellbeing. Good to know that it is possible to start exercising at every age. Who would want to miss out on the positive effects of physical exercise, especially as it has implications on the whole quality of life?

It is myheart felt wish to trainwith people in different age groups. On the one hand, as “feel good” is an ageless prerequisite – I adapt my “feel good” coaching individually on your age, health condition, physical condition and goals. On the other hand, I put a lot of enthusiasm in ‘best ager’ training as I experienced in my own family what kind of positive impact fitness and every type of exercise have on various diseases. My experience showed me that even Parkinson could be slowed down as soon as adequate exerciseswere incorporated, starting with regular walking.

Together we can achieve more!